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Youtube fuel for thought

I believe the life we live is a reflection of the thoughts we have. Therefore we should be aware of what is influencing our thoughts. The things we read, the people surrounding us, our environment, the music we listen to, are all factors. We have the ability to control many of these factors. In this blog post I will focus on the things we listen to. Below, I have shared some Youtube videos that have helped me along my journey.

I like a lot of videos on the Joseph Rodriguez channel, check out others if you like this one.

This video considers multiple perspectives and makes some really good points. Take what serves you, and leave what doesn't.

Yogananda has lead me to many good thoughts. One of Steve Jobs' last gifts was left in a brown box and handed out at his memorial service. It included a copy of a book written by Yogananda. Yogananda focuses on self-realization.

Please let me know how you feel about these links. Also, please comment any links to videos that have helped you along your journey. Namaste.

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