Elevated Yogi started as a small gathering at a local park. I posted classes on Meetup and more people started showing up. The fact that our classes were 420 friendly attracted a diverse group of people, many who otherwise would never even consider yoga. 


As summer came to an end one of our students offered us to use the basement of his building. We transitioned from the park to the basement and continued to grow at a steady pace (100% bootstrapped). Eventually the tenants on the first floor moved out and we moved to a larger space upstairs. As I got deeper into my practice I began to develop a higher purpose for Elevated Yogi.


Some people think we’re just a weed-smoking studio but thats not the case. We support a plant-based lifestyle and cannabis just happens to be another plant. The 420 vibes make it a little cooler and make it much easier to get people to try yoga for the first time. When people begin to practice yoga it leads to healthier life practices in general (mindfulness, gratitude, all-around fitness, etc.). Our mission is to get as many people as we can to practice living a healthier lifestyle.


We have become a diverse community who help each other grow/heal, and practice making our higher selves a little more present each day.